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ACT Coach

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) aims to help you live with unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and impulses without avoiding them or being controlled by them. In ACT, you are encouraged to commit to actions so that you can live your life by your values, even in the face of these unpleasant experiences. This app was developed for Veterans, Service Members, and other people who are in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in consultation with a therapist. It offers exercises, tools, information, and tracking logs so you can practice what you’re learning in your daily life.

ACT Coach was created by VA’s National Center for PTSD.

FREE iOS and Android




Aetas, nominated for Overall Best App of 2015 in health and fitness by BMA, is devoted to increasing awareness of the significance of time and how time – our personal past, present and future – can be the source of happiness and well-being as well as cause us undue stress and anxiety. Through knowledge, interactive aspects and self-soothing techniques, Aetas provides easy and effective ways to attain and maintain focus and a sense of calm.

$4.99 iOS




Lower your stress and reduce your anxiety with Breathe2Relax. Initially designed for the military community but beneficial for use by anyone, the relaxation app trains you on the “belly breathing” technique that has proven benefits for your overall mental health. Use the app’s breathing exercises to learn and practice the breathing technique on your own or as part of a stress management program supervised by your healthcare provider.

FREE iOS and Android




We help people to relax, meditate and sleep. Our mission is to make the world happier and healthier. We’re the #1 app for mindfulness and wellness, with over 22 million downloads and over 200,000 5-star reviews. We were delighted recently to be named both Apple’s App of the Year and Editors’ Choice by Google Play – and to be ranked by a recent study of 200,000 iPhone users by the Center for Humane Technology as “the world’s happiest app”.

Free trial then $4.99-$12.99 a month depending on your plan iOS and Android



DBT Diary Card & Skills Coach

DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach is the only DBT app designed by a licensed clinical psychologist. Use the app to help you be more effective with your current treatment or refresh your skills on your own. There are a lot of skills to remember in DBT.  You can also remind yourself of behaviors you’re trying to address or make some notes to help you track your week.

$4.99 iOS



Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Cognitive-behavioral self-help for depression. The natural management of depression involves understanding depression and the factors that contribute to the symptoms. Learning to manage stress in your life and engage in self-care behaviors can improve your symptoms. This app contains a depression severity test with graph, audios, articles, a cognitive diary, and a motivational points system to help you learn and follow the cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) methods.

FREE Android


eCBT Calm

The eCBT Calm app provides a set of tools to help you evaluate personal stress and anxiety, challenge distorted thoughts, and learn relaxation skills. It also provides online resources for stress and anxiety. Users can assess their stress levels and learn relaxation skills.

$0.99 iOS



How you feel matters! Whether you’re feeling sad, anxious, or stressed, Happify brings you effective tools and programs to help you take control of your feelings and thoughts. Our proven techniques are developed by leading scientists and experts who’ve been studying evidence-based interventions in the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy for decades.

FREE iOS and Android




The Headspace app makes meditation simple. Learn the skills of mindfulness and meditation by using this app for just a few minutes per day. You gain access to hundreds of meditations on everything from stress and anxiety to sleep and focus. The app also has a handy “get some headspace” reminder to encourage you to keep practicing each day.

$12.99/month iOS and Android




Part personal journal and part mood tracker, IMoodJournal can be used to record everything from mood and symptoms, to sleep, medications, and energy cycles. By tracking these various factors, you’re able to analyze your daily feelings through summary charts that indicate where your stress levels rise and fall.

$1.99/month iOS and Android




Unlike the other apps featured in this list, Lifesum is a broader resource for all things healthy living. The app allows you to set personal goals, from eating healthier, to building more muscle and getting in more steps each day. You can also enter your own personal data and let Lifesum generate a “Life Score” to get a personalized roadmap to better health. With reminders to drink water and eat regularly throughout the day, Lifesum is a great option for anyone trying to live healthier, but for people with eating disorders, this app can be used to help you redefine how you think about healthy body image.

FREE iOS and Android



Live OCD Free

Live OCD Free claims it has been shown to reduce OCD symptoms by 34% in just 8 weeks! The app guides users through Exposure and Response Prevention treatment, helps you to create practice goals, and provides a multitude of tools to help fight OCD at any given moment. You can also try their newly-launched forum (accessible from the website) for ongoing support from OCD experts and sufferers.

$29.99/month iOS




MoodKit uses the foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and provides users with over 200 different mood improvement activities. Developed by two clinical psychologists, MoodKit helps you learn how to change how you think, and develop self-awareness and healthy attitudes. The journal feature is a great way to practice self-care by reflecting on the day, noting any distressing thoughts, and documenting how you overcame them.

$4.99 iOS




Moodpath is a leading depression app and accompanies you on your way out of depression. Moodpath screens your well-being by asking questions on a daily basis. The screening makes you more conscious about your thoughts, feelings and emotions. After two weeks, you receive an electronic doctor letter. This letter will make your conversation with a professional much easier.

FREE iOS and Android




MoodTools aims to support people with clinical depression by aiding the path to recovery. Discover helpful videos that can improve your mood and behavior, log and analyze your thoughts using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) principles, develop a suicide safety plan and more with this free app.

FREE iOS and Android




MY3 is aimed at people who are depressed and suicidal, and trains users to recognize suicide warning signs in others. MY3 asks you to choose three close contacts that you feel comfortable reaching out to when you’re down and keeps you connected to this core network. This best part of this app is that it helps you create your own safety plan asking you to think through and list your own warning signs, coping strategies and support network, so that you can easily act when you recognize your warning signs.

FREE iOS and Android




nOCD was designed with the help of OCD specialists and patients to incorporate two treatments: mindfulness and Exposure Response Prevention Treatment. You can receive immediate, clinically-supported guidance when an OCD episode strikes, take weekly tests to assess the severity of your OCD, and have motivational support along the way. One user calls nOCD “a free therapist in your pocket!”




Quit That!

Quit That! is a completely free app that helps users beat their habits or addictions. Whether you’re looking to stop drinking alcohol, quit smoking, or stop taking drugs, it’s the perfect recovery tool to track and monitor your progress. Track as many vices as you want and find out how many minutes, hours, days, weeks, or years it’s been since you quit.



Recovery Record

Recovery Record is a great app for anyone recovering from an eating disorder and wanting to develop a more positive body image. Keep a record of the meals you eat and how they make you feel using the app and complete questionnaires that’ll help you track your progress over time. One user calls Recovery Record a “remarkable recovery tool”; “It helps me stick to my meal plan, provides an outlet to vent about my food concerns and helps me stay intact with my body to work with it rather than against.”

FREE iOS and Android



Rise Up and Recover

Rise Up + Recover is a unique app as it not only allows you to track your meals and how you feel when you eat them, but you can also transcribe your progress into a PDF printout. Pull up the Rise + Recover app on your mobile when you feel the urge to binge or skip a meal, and need quick coping strategies.

FREE iOS and Android




A mental health wellness discovery platform connecting people to audio content created by featured licensed mental health professionals.





The journal component of Stigma is considered one of the best in a crowded field. The app’s word cloud technology recognizes which words you use the most when writing down your feelings allowing you to reflect on why these are your go-to emotions. We also love the app’s social network dimension, which allows users to connect with peers through messaging. You can share your journal too and get feedback if you’d like support from others.



talk space


With Talkspace online therapy, anyone can get therapy without traveling to an office – and for significantly less money than traditional therapy. All of our therapists are licensed and background-checked. Your therapist won’t judge you, and the same privacy rules apply as if you were at a traditional therapy office. Talkspace has many therapists that can help you with depression, anxiety, the challenges of being part of the LGBT Community or a Veteran, and more. They have the ability to understand what you are going through and to help you make a positive change in your life.

$25/week iOS and Android



Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Based on the best-selling book of the same name, Twenty-Four Hours a Day offers 366 meditations from the book, making it easier for people in recovery from addiction to focus on sobriety wherever they are.

$5.99 iOS and Android



UCSF Prime

Schizophrenia patients are prone to social isolation even when their condition is treated. The PRIME app, created by psychiatry professor Danielle Shlosser, connects people with schizophrenia to their peers through a social network style interface. It also lets users track “challenge goals,” things they’d like to accomplish or improve about themselves.

FREE iOS and Android


What’s Up?

What’s up is an amazing free app that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) methods to help you cope with Depression, Anxiety, Stress, and more. Use the positive and negative habit tracker to maintain your good habits, and break those that are counterproductive. We particularly love the “Get Grounded” page, which contains over 100 different questions to pinpoint what you’re feeling, and the “Thinking Patterns” page, which teaches you how to stop negative internal monologues. Try it out for yourself.

FREE iOS and Android


Worry Watch

One of the most frustrating parts of living with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can be dealing with intense anxiety despite the fact you know your worries are irrational. Worry Watch aims to help users identify their trigger points for anxiety, note trends in their feelings, reflect on when the outcomes were harmless, and change their thinking patterns for the future. Think of it as your personal, password-protect, worry diary.

$1.99 iOS


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