Therapy for Latinx launched in May of 2018 to support the Latinx community in connecting with mental health practitioners, resources, and to share stories from our community. We believe that representation matters in all industries and especially when it comes to mental health. We are working together to overcome the cultural stigma around mental wellness and give accessibility to those that are looking for support

Benefits of Being Listed:

  • Exposure to over 8,000 Instagram Followers. We are currently averaging 1,500 new followers a month.
  • Opportunities to be connected to promotional opportunities with other IG accounts or mental health organizations
  • Connection to a network of Latinx practitioners nationwide
  • We are receiving over 10,000 website views a month and counting
  • A platform to share any of your events surrounding mental health
  • A place to submit your stories and guides on how to navigate mental health
  • We are in partnership with Mental Health America, the oldest mental health organization in the country

Featured In:

We have been offering a FREE listing to any Latinx practitioner but starting October 3rd, 2018 we will be asking for a $15/month per listing or the yearly price of $120. What does that money go towards? Click here to find out. We will not turn away therapist’s for lack of funds, if you would like to submit but are experiencing financial hardship please email us directly [email protected]

After October 3rd, 2018 therapist will be able to:
-Receive direct referrals based on city and specialty
-Claim their listings
-Receive messages directly through the database
-Clients can now leave reviews on
-Therapists accounts can now be flagged by the public to create a way of having accountability. We will review cases on an individual basis.
-Clients can now search by state and by zip code
-We will continue to work on evolving the site and always looking for ways to make it more user friendly.

Therapists listed before October 03, 2018 will be grandfathered in and will continue to have a free listing. We are happy to accept any donations via Venmo @therapyforlatinx, our GoFundMe Campaign, or email us at [email protected] Donations are going directly back to maintain the website. We are looking to make the user experience better and have the database look more like a Yelp type of interface, also we are working on reaching out to therapists, events, and organizations.

If you experience any issues uploading your listing feel free to email us directly.

“I am grateful for Brandie creating Therapy for LatinX as a resource for the LatinX community, where therapy is often stigmatized or left for only those with severe mental health issues. The website is helping to fulfill a need in for both therapists and people seeking therapy. Therapy’s success is tied to the relationship that can be built between the therapist and client, so finding someone you think can relate to your story is important. The clients who have found me on this site describe struggling to find that and were relieved when they found the website.”

-Nadia Alvarez, Professor of Psychology & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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