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Therapy for Latinx was created to be a database of Latinx mental health practitioners, resources, events, and information for those who would like to get licensed. We are looking to share stories of mental health, healing, and advocacy in the Latinx community. We are currently raising money for the following:

-To dedicate time to reach out to mental health care practitioners so that we can add their information to our database.

-To dedicate time to connect with schools and programs for Latinx that want to get into the field.

-So that we are able to update the website daily with the most accurate information.  As well as maintaining an online presence via social media.

-Funding for video content so that we can produce our own stories about mental health.

-Funding for original written content in the Latinx community.

-Funding so that we can translate the website to have a duplicate site in Spanish.

We have been resourceful with the assets we have had available and are looking for support so we could expand this project. Our goal is to become a nationwide database with Latinx Mental Health practitioners in every state, we also want to have a nationwide database of resources and events. Eventually, we would love to set up mentorship for students with practitioners who are working. Create raw footage about intergenerational families having candid conversations about mental health and the stigma in our communities. Lastly, we would love to have Latinx mental health fairs or workshops that are curated and created for our community by our community.

If you could support by sharing or donating our cause we would greatly appreciate it. We know that the statistics of Latinx getting the help we need is about 1 in 11. We want to change that number nationwide.

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We also accept donations via Venmo @therapyforlatinx

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For further information about donations please contact us via [email protected]

Support Our Donors

Monique Castro – Indigenous Circle of Wellness

From day one Monique was the first therapist to donate to TFL and has also been one of the therapists that consistently supports our growth and efforts. We are so grateful for her encouragement, energy, and solidarity. She truly cares about representation, community, and social justice.

Monique is a citizen of the Navajo Nation and Mexican-American, she was born and raised on Tongva territory (known by many as Los Angeles). She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#104427) and the Owner & Founder of Indigenous Circle of Wellness. In addition to her work as a psychotherapist, she is a consultant, trainer, educator, and advocate. Monique earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University of Los Angeles and Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Mount Saint Mary’s University. Monique is clinically trained in Relational Gestalt Therapy and is grounded in healing from a holistic, culturally inclusive, and Indigenous approach. She values interconnectedness, community, family, and healthy sustainable relationships.


Emilia Ortega-Jara – Corazon Counseling

Emilia was also one of our very first donors, before we had grown a following on social media she believed the work we were doing was important. In the last few months it’s been exciting to see her practice grow. We are so grateful for her support and leadership in business.

I am a Xicana psychotherapist specializing in women’s mental health across the lifespan, with over 18 years’ experience working in the Latinx community. I have taken a special interest in developing my clinical expertise in the treatment for depression and anxiety among Latinx women, especially during the pregnancy and postpartum period. My work also involves supporting lesbian/queer/trans couples through the transition of becoming parents. In addition, my clinical expertise includes supporting birth workers of color and community organizers/activist deal with burn out and secondary trauma. I am trained in trauma-informed interventions, EMDR, and CBT. I take pride in providing a holistic culturally centered therapeutic experience for my Latinx/indigenous clients that holds space for their healing process.
My healing work is grounded on indigenous knowledge, social justice, and anti-oppressive frameworks. I work from a place of sacred purpose, authenticity, and corazón.


Betsy Cardenas – BetsyAimee.com & Born in June Creative

I am a writer and producer of impactful digital content on a mission to transform hearts and minds. My work is built on making an impact in people’s lives. I find that what is often missing from the cultural landscape are authentic voices and messaging for Millennials, Latinos and women. I work with brands that are transforming the media landscape, and propelling a positive representation of these 3 key groups. I spent almost a decade creating culturally competent messaging and marketing campaigns for these audiences for political candidates and organizations across the country. I also worked hard advocating on behalf of women, and their families through various civic and policy organizations.



Liz A. Garcia – Stay Limitless

I am a Transformational Coach and Leadership Trainer, a little bit of a world traveler and a tad OG. I currently host The Life Brilliance Podcast where I interview national level experts in their respective fields; the show has been listened to an over 44 countries. I’ve had the good fortune to train with the best even as far back as when I had the privilege of being on the first All-American Women’s Water Polo team in the history of San Jose State University. I earned my Masters Degree in Education from Harvard and studied human behavior with World-Renowned Human Behavior Specialist Dr. John Demartini. I’ve even obtained Dream Coach Certification with America’s Dream University founder and visionary, Marcia Wieder.


Master Sio – The Results Healing Mastery

Pacific Islanders practiced the principles of The Results Healing Mastery thousands of years before Western explorers arrived. Legends abound about “miraculous” healing through the work of local priests or kahunas in those days.

Master Sio incorporates some of those traditions after studying with Maori tohunga in New Zealand, kahuna in Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, Rarotonga, Tahiti, Australia and Kiribas, in addition to developing his own inner spiritual power and talent. 


Nadia Alvarez

I earned my Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Clinical Psychology from California State University, Fullerton. My area of focus in my masters program was negative mood regulation through self-efficacy: learning to believe you will feel better, will actually help you feel better! When I am not working with clients, I am teaching psychology courses at California State University, Fullerton.


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