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10 Ways to Practice Healing Through Depression
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These last two months have been the hardest this year. I hit an all time low that left me feeling hopeless, unworthy, ashamed, and just not good enough. I didn’t want to do anything and I just felt like a … Read More

La Mujer y Su Valor Presentado por Zeahlot Lopez
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I have a unique approach to working with clients by using a holistic approach for healing and achieving goals. I am an alumni of University of California, Northridge and Mount Saint Mary’s University. My experience includes working with clients who … Read More

Managing Stress Related to Political Change
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Political uncertainty can be challenging, regardless of your beliefs or where you might fall on the political spectrum. For many Americans, the transition of power and the rapid speed of change may cause stress and anxiety about the political environment … Read More

What Depression Means When You’re An Immigrant’s Kid
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In my sophomore year of high school, I started having bouts of suicidal ideation. I would think about how best to kill myself, painlessly, without putting any of my loved ones through a gruesome scene. By then, though, I had … Read More

Therapist Spotlight: Daniel Olavarria – The City Psychotherapy
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Therapist in NYC: The City Psychotherapy specializes in individual and couples therapy for modern professionals who are looking to work on themselves and their relationships. Sessions are available in my Midtown Manhattan office and through my secure online video teletherapy … Read More

Finding the ME in (ME)dicine.
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Means finding out where I got lost. Pinpointing where I was misguided to believe that my self worth, self care and value for resting was less than that of White folks living with Bipolar II Disorder. And that, for me, … Read More

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